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Contribute to Nature Conservation Through Aluminium Recycling in Perth

You can rely on the reputable service of West Coast Metals Recycling when you want to put your weight behind the cause of nature conservation through aluminium recycling in Perth. As leading aluminium recyclers, we have been helping many businesses from various fields such as production, mining, and manufacturing to cash in on their waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

What You Can Expect from West
Coast Metals Recycling Regarding Aluminium Scrap Metal

For over 20 years we’ve been in the business of recycling all kinds of scrap metal. Our experience, skills, and knowledge as recyclers of scrap metal are some of the many reasons why our clients choose us. Our focus on providing excellent customer care; taking the time to build relationships and adapting our services to accommodate their needs, is why they stay with us.  
  • We will collect your scrap metal on your premises if you aren’t able to deliver it to us. T&C’s apply only on substantial loads, due to transport costs. Our team of recyclers will collect your metal, and sort it, allowing us to pay you the best price possible for your old door frames, pots, pans, cast etc. We will then arrange a speedy payment either in cash or through bank transfer.  
  • We don’t only take in aluminium scrap metal, but also various other metals such as copper, brass, and stainless steel.  
  • As we’ve grown into our position as a leader in the field, we can also extend the list of items we can take care of in our recycling plant. The list is quite extensive, and some of the items it includes are the metal from aircons, roof sheets and power tools, but also lead-acid batteries, catalytic converters and more.

Why You Should Use West Coast Metals Recycling

We are a family-owned business under female management. As women, we bring a fresh twist to various conventional practices in the industry. We always run a clean facility and deliver prompt and honest service.  
Contact us, come and have a coffee and let us know how we can help you.

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