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Instead of leaving unused metals lying around on your property, consider selling your scrap brass in Perth for cash. Brass is a bright gold colour alloy that comprises Zinc and Copper. It’s exceptionally malleable due to its low melting point, and as a result, you find it in multiple household appliances such as brass taps and even some ornaments. West Coast Metals Recycling is one of the best recycling centres in Western Australia that helps with recycling brass scrap.

Reasons for Brass Scrap Recycling

More people are realising the recyclability of various metals and turning it into a source of income. However, aside from the financial gain you enjoy, there are significant reasons for collecting your brass scrap and taking it to a reputable recycling facility.  
  • Recycling brass and turning it into a new product requires significantly less energy than building an item from raw materials. Since the material is already there, it requires shaping for its new purpose. The energy you save when recycling a tonne of metal equates to the energy four households can consume for four months.  
  • Reusing your scrap for another product protects our natural resources. It eliminates the need to penetrate the earth for new base materials and preserves our natural landscapes along with wildlife. Additionally, mining new material is costly, which results in a higher price for the end-user.  
  • The phrase ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ isn’t just a catchy line but an actual recommendation. If you merely discard recyclable waste, it only takes up space in landfills. Furthermore, these materials degrade at a slow rate which results in it occupying landfills for a more extended period. Recycling puts the material to use again and reduces the amount of waste in our landfills.

Interesting Facts About Brass Scrap Recycling

Surely, you’ve heard someone mention the benefits of recycling before. However, few people take it seriously. When you consider some of these facts, it’s difficult to plead ignorance.  
  • There is an estimation that Australians dispose of enough material to produce 40,000 fridges every year. However, we are improving as recent figures demonstrate that ninety-eight percent of households are active in some form of recycling.  
  • Steel is currently the most recycled material, and the process can go on infinitely without compromising the strength and durability of the material. Using it to create new products uses up to sixty percent less energy than it takes to manufacture steel from iron ore. There is a thought that every steel product in the modern world contains some form of recycled steel.  
  • Aluminium has been in existence since 1825 and is the most abundant metal available across the earth. Approximately sixty percent of all aluminium that miners produced is still in circulation today. However, it takes roughly 200 to 500 years for an aluminium beer can to decompose, which is why it’s worrying that in 2010, Australians recycled only 67 percent of the three billion aluminium cans they used.

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We have been recycling scrap brass and other materials in Perth for over 20 years. As a female-run operation, we take pride in the appearance of our scrap yard and the service we deliver to our customers. As the best in the business, we ensure you receive the best price for your scrap.  
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