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Get the best of your scrap metal resources. Every type of metal may be recycled indefinitely, which means your company has practically limitless options. Non-ferrous metals are primarily non-magnetic, lightweight, robust, and long-lasting.

Non-ferrous metals are used in the production of pipelines, batteries, electronics, electrical wires, jewellery, cutlery, computer components, and other items due to their lightweight and longevity in the fields of aircraft, aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, electricity, communication systems, and construction.

Non-ferrous metals that have been separated often fetch a better price in the scrap metal marketplace.

Commonly Recycled Non-Ferrous Metals

The most reprocessed non-ferrous metals are aluminium, copper, and brass, mostly since these materials are often utilised in everyday products like kitchenware, electrical wires, and soft drink cans. They are also extremely useful.

Aluminium alloy is often employed in cooking utensils, autos, trains, and aeroplanes.

Copper is utilised extensively in wiring, motors, electricity, electronics, and copper pots and pans.

Nickel alloys are utilised in batteries, fuel cells, and electronic parts.

Titanium is used in a variety of products, including golf clubs, watches, eyeglass frames, fishing rods, strolling sticks, kitchenware, road signs, load-bearing springs, and connecting rods in vehicles.

Zinc may be found in batteries, coins, instrument components, and electrical devices.

Bronze gears are used in motors, jack screws, landing gears, power transfer systems, plumbing components, musical instrument cords, car and tool components, and hardware and fixtures.

Brass is a metal that may be found in a variety of products, including doors handlebars, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, bullet casings, faucets, locks & keys, handrails, vehicle components, copper pipe ends, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and bearings, mailboxes, and home decorative items.

Best Prices & Quick Payouts

Various non-ferrous metal grades are purchased by West Coast Metals Recycling. Our team of experts in non-ferrous materials can swiftly determine what you’re supplying and provide you with a fair quote. A vast buyer ecosystem that links us to the greatest customers. We can provide the most affordable prices for waste metals because of our trustworthy service.

A Committed Team of Scrap Metal Recyclers

West Coast Metals Recycling is forging a legacy through the purposeful recycling of scrap metal. Our scrap yards assist by maintaining the greatest standards and participating actively in the communities. Every year, we repurpose, recycle, and salvage tonnes of scrap metal to create well over 100 grades of brand-new, environmentally friendly raw materials.

Convenience & Fast Turnaround

To enhance your present procedures and assist you in achieving company sustainability objectives, West Coast Metals Recycling provides the ideal solutions. We work with you to better identify, manage, and cut waste. We are capable of running full scrap metal operations. These activities increase scrap value and give customers faster, more effective facilities.

Our wide variety of customer-centred services satisfies contemporary needs and current difficulties. The recycling requirements of big companies and small businesses are handled by West Coast Metals Recycling. Additionally, we provide recycling services to locals and recyclers on an individual basis.

Live In Balance with Nature & Recycle

In comparison to mining for new metals, our technologies also produce fewer glasshouse gas emissions. We run more economical and environmentally friendly operations. Favourable to the environment. Easy and practical for your company. Our industrial recycling services are successful on every level.

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To assist customers, and turn a profit from their scrap metal, we deal with people and organisations of all sizes. If there is scrap metal laying around on your site or home, allow West Coast Metals Recycling to buy it from you for the greatest price.

Get those outdated appliances, instruments, vehicles, pipe fittings, engines, and other stuff out of storage and sell them to earn money rather than throwing them in the trash.

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