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Finding an easy way to recycle scrap steel in Perth is a must if you work in an industry that deals with metals regularly. Even beyond industrial, mining or construction professionals, though, many people can benefit from a reliable scrap metal recycling channel. For instance, in a home or business renovation/demolition situation, you might end up with scrap metal that you can’t dispose of through your usual home- or commercial waste disposal service. In these situations, West Coast Metals Recycling is there to lend a hand.

Why Steel Metal Recycling Is Important

There are many reasons to get into the habit of stainless-steel recycling if you regularly (or even occasionally) find yourself in possession of scrap steel. Working with a scrapyard such as ours is a way to turn your scrap metal into a secondary stream of income. Scrap metal is valuable, and we compensate our sellers for choosing to recycle with us. Beyond the monetary advantages of steel metal recycling, though, there are also significant environmental reasons to recycle your scrap metal, including: 
  • It keeps scrap metal out of landfills. Globally, predictions say we will run out of landfill space within a matter of decades. Recycling, in any form, is essential for keeping waste out of landfills and conserving that space. Metal recycling is crucial because metals take longer than most waste to biodegrade, which means they’ll occupy that landfill space for longer. 
  • It conserves energy. It takes considerably more power to produce new metal materials than it does to recycle scrap metal and reuse, repurpose, or remake it into something else. Steel scrap recycling can conserve energy on a massive scale, which can reduce the expense of new products, cut down significantly on greenhouse gas emissions and more. 
  • It preserves natural resources. Metals and their base materials are natural resources, which means we only have a finite amount of them. Reusing existing metal helps protect those resources for longer. It also lowers the need for additional mining for metal and metal ore, which protects the environment and prevents the disturbance of vulnerable ecosystems. 

What Sets West Coast Metals Recycling Apart Regarding Scrap Steel in Perth?

What makes West Coast Metals Recycling a unique and dependable Dealer for anyone looking to recycle steel scrap? Here are a few of our key differentiators as a business:  
  • Our experience. We have been proudly offering a high-level professional metal recycling service for over 20 years. We continually work with a range of customers throughout the Perth area, from industrial and mining to commercial to domestic homeowners, and are happy to take not just steel scrap metal, but also aluminium, brass, copper, and anything in between. 
  • Our ownership. We are unique in that we are a small, family-owned business entirely committed to top-tier custom care. In a male-dominated industry, we are female-owned, which is a draw for some customers. Our focus on organisation, communication, and superior service mirrors what customers typically expect from small family businesses, and we are proud to stand by those qualities as some of our defining attributes. 
  • Our rates. When you recycle your scrap metal, you deserve to be compensated fairly for the significant value in the materials you are providing. Some scrap yards pay by bulk weight of the metal, which we don’t think is fair. Instead, we separate, sort, and weigh your scrap to make sure we are paying you fairly based on the type of metal you are recycling. 

About West Coast Metals Recycling

We got our start in 2003 because we wanted to play a role in preserving and restoring the environment through smart recycling practices. We’ve grown since then—not least because our founder’s kids have grown up and joined the family business. To this day, though, we are as dedicated as any scrapyard we know of to the environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling. If you are looking for a dependable option for steel recycling in Perth, contact us today

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