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The majority of ferrous metals are alloys, meaning they are made of two or more different metals. For example, ferrous metals are utilised in architectural and industrial construction of transportation such as ships, automobiles, bridges, and trains, as well as steel beams for buildings such as skyscrapers. Due to its widespread use, ferrous metal accounts for the majority of all scrap metal globally.

All Ferrous Metals Are Recyclable

The greatest group of metals in municipal wastes is ferrous metals, which include iron and steel. Solid products including furniture, tyres, and appliances are the main suppliers of ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are also found in containers and packaging.

Ferrous metals are widely used in building supplies as well as in transportation equipment including cars, trains, and ships.

We recycle ferrous scrap metal in an eco-friendly manner. No matter the shape, size, structure, or processing demands, our goal is to recycle scrap metals as effectively and ecologically safely as we can.

Commonly Recycled Ferrous Scrap

  • Household Appliances: Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Air conditioners, Water heaters, Stoves, Ovens
  • Cars & Car Parts: Drums, Axels, Rotors, Motors etc.
  • Cast Iron: Things that may consist of cast iron; skillets, gardening equipment, pans, pots, sinks, pipes, heaters
  • Sheet Metal & Wrought Iron: Found in structures, such as ducts, radiators, and railings
  • Railroad Scrap & Railcars

Don’t Throw It Away, It Can Be Used in Some Other Way

Today, the majority of steel manufacturing industries recycle scrap ferrous metal extensively since it increases their profitability and reduces their environmental effect.

From a toaster to auto vehicles, we process tonnes of ferrous material annually. We take both residential and home usage light iron as well as all grades of heavy metals from industrial, building, demolition, and a variety of other industries.

Smart Waste Recycling Solutions

Anyone looking for industrial, commercial, small business, or residential scrap metal recycling facilities will find our scrap metal recycling site in Perth to be the ideal choice. Companies that wish to recycle ethically—and affordably—can turn to us for specialised solutions.

We will assist you in unloading and sorting your metal because our crew is well-versed in a range of metal types. We can create a creative, specialised recycling scheme that maximises the value of your scrap while minimising your disposal costs.

  • Fully Insured Recycling Facility
  • On-Site Clean-Ups & Pick Up
  • Latest Fleet of Roll-Off Bins & Flatbed Trucks
  • Customized Recycling Solutions for Your Business

Fast Cash Recycling

Along with preserving the environment and saving energy, you’ll also earn extra cash. Nothing can be lost but items that you don’t even desire. For all types of ferrous metals, West Coast Metals Recycling offers market-competitive & fair prices.

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