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Increase Your Bank Balance from Your Scrap Copper in Perth

Copper has been around for centuries, and we can find traces of the material in almost everything we use today, like motors and cables. Numerous ancient civilisations relied on copper for various reasons. The Egyptians used it to disinfect wounds and sterilise water, while the Romans preferred to use it as currency and as a central component in their weaponry and armour. Whether you look in your home or at work, copper features in one way or the other. It’s prudent to take advantage of material with this versatility and commit to recycling your scrap copper in Perth. West Coast Metals Recycling can assist you with gathering your scrap and providing the best copper prices in Perth. 

What You Should Know About Scrap Copper Recycling

The growing demand for this material makes copper recycling an essential task. It is a fantastic conductor of electricity and heat, and you’ll find it in a plethora of electrical items such as motherboards, RAM, CPU’s, Cd drives & hard drives. Additionally, its resistance to corrosion makes it the ideal solution for plumbing.  
  • It saves businesses money which translates to savings for the end-user. Since copper retains 90 percent of its original value, it’s cheaper to use in the manufacturing process as opposed to freshly mined ore. The mining process is expensive, which drives up the cost of a product. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s interests to recycle copper for repurposing.
  • Despite recyclability of copper, it maintains its structural integrity. It’s a highly sustainable material with an extensive lifespan. As such, you could use it in applications that require durability and minimal maintenance. You will discover copper features in applications such as radiators, compressors & event present in brass fittings, even though it had a few previous cycles. Ultimately, recycling copper won’t compromise the features of the material.  
  • If you have copper objects lying around your property, it’s a straightforward process to discard it and declutter your yard. There are increasingly more scrap copper buyers who are more than eager to take the material off your hands. Since it is one of the most profitable materials in the recycling business, you can expect a decent return on your contribution.  
  • There are new regulations regarding the recycling of scrap copper & copper alloys. We now require a 100 point ID check if you wish to recycle any copper items including brass & copper radiators, plumbing copper, electric motors, wires and cables, brass taps, copper tanks. A current drivers licence & a utility bill(no older than 3 months from the issue date) will get you 100 points, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Interesting Facts Regarding Copper Metal Recycling

Humans have used copper more than any other metal in a variety of applications. Currently, copper ranks third in the list of industrial metals used after iron and aluminum. Historians estimate that humans have been using copper in products for the past 8,000 odd years. It’s no surprise that we’ve continued enjoying the benefits of using and recycling copper up until today.  
  • Archaeologists often dig up artefacts around the globe with many of them featuring copper. They discovered the body of a woman with an awl – a pointed tool – dating back to 5100-BC in an ancient village in Israel. This metal object is the oldest that researchers have found in the Middle East. In ancient Egypt, people used copper to make jewellery such as toe rings. 
  • Copper loses electrons when you expose it to water and air, resulting in the process of oxidation, which turns it green. The Statue of Liberty contains around 28,12-kilograms of copper, and the oxidation process is the main reason it’s now a dull green. This colour change was a gradual transformation, and by the year 1920, the colour had changed entirely from copper to green, 34 years after its unveiling.  
  • The most common place to find copper is in money. The United States’ penny contained pure copper from 1783 to 1837 but that recipe changed to consist of 95 percent copper and five percent tin and zinc. Since 1982, pennies have been 97.5 percent zinc and only 2.5 percent, copper.

Why Trust West Coast Metals Recycling Regarding Scrap Copper Cable Prices

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a reputation of being the best recycling centre on the west coast of Australia, we ensure that you receive the best price for your copper scrap. We started our operation on trust and excellence. For this reason, if you walk into our scrap yard, you’ll always find it in a presentable condition–the result of the female-run operation. You can bring your ferrous and non-ferrous materials to us or we can send one of our team members to fetch your scrap.  
Contact us if you have any questions and if you’re ready to make money from your scrap.  

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