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Perhaps you are a classic car aficionado who has built up a significant collection of scrap electric motors over years of taking apart and restoring old vehicles in your car. Alternatively, maybe you run an automotive business and have more old scrap parts—from catalytic converters to starter motors to car batteries—than you can use or sell. West Coast Metals Recycling is here to make your life easier, with a service for recycling motors, radiators, and other automotive machinery.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Electric Motor Scrap

Our goal is to make things simple and helpful for our customers, no matter what type of scrap metal they bring us to recycle. Here are a few expectations you can bring to the table when it comes to electric motor scrap: 
  • We take a variety of automotive and machinery-based scrap metal. Catalytic converter scrap? Bring it to us. Brass or copper radiator scrap? We’ll buy it from you. Starter motors? You bet. Lead-acid batteries? These types of car parts or machines are often difficult to recycle, but we will take them all and pay fairly for them. 
  • We take the time to make sure we compensate you fairly. If you are bringing a bulk of material to a scrapyard, you might sometimes find that you are paid for bulk metal weight rather than based on the different types of metal scrap you are providing. At West Coast Metals Recycling, we take the time to sort through your scrap, weigh different types of metal separately and compensate you fairly for each category. Since not all scrap metals are worth the same amount, we find this approach is by far the fairest and most equitable way of compensating our customers for their scrap metal. 
  • We’ll deliver the customer care you deserve. Perhaps this is your first time bringing automotive scrap to us, and you want to learn a bit more about catalytic converter prices before deciding whether to sell to us or go a different route. We are always happy to sit down with our customers, make some coffee and have a chat to tell you more about our recycling services, our rates and more. 

Key Questions to Ask Us About Scrap Electric Motors and Other Scrap Metal

We know that many of our customers are first timers, which means they might not necessarily know what the drill is for scrap metal recycling. Here are a few common questions we receive from new customers, though we welcome you to reach out and ask your own as well: 
  • What type of scrap metal do you accept? In addition to the automotive scrap we’ve already discussed, we take a long list of scrap metal items, ranging from baking trays and toolboxes to copper wires to steel beams to lead. View our services page for a complete list. 
  • What industries do you serve? While we regularly work with mining, electrical, plumbing, demolitions & fabrication, we are also happy to work directly with domestic customers. If you simply have an old car that you want to sell for scrap, we can pay you for the car body metal, the engine parts, the scrap metal radiators and more. 
  • How long have you been doing this? In this business, longevity is a big sign of reputability and reliability. The companies known for paying a low price, for instance, tend to develop poor reputations and go out of business. We think it’s a testament to our fair treatment of our customers that we have been operating 19 years and counting. 

Why West Coast Metals Recycling Is Cost-Effective?

Have you been letting an old car collect dust in your garage, worried about what it will cost you to have it scrapped? Believe it or not, that copper radiator in the car still has value, even if the vehicle doesn’t run anymore. Not only is recycling your car’s scrap metal cost-effective, but it can indeed prove to be a lucrative venture. Contact West Coast Metals Recycling to learn more about selling your catalytic converters, motors, engine parts, radiators, or other parts for scrap.

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