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We Give You Cash for Scrap Batteries in Perth

With more people thinking about recycling and saving the earth’s resources, we reduce our waste. Instead of leaving old materials around your home or office, you can capitalise on it and make extra cash. Scrap batteries in Perth are a prime example of items you can recycle and receive instant money for that exchange. West Coast Metals Recycling takes all types of materials; we separate and pay you for it instead of you trashing your scrap.

Benefits of Battery Recycling

How often have you changed the batteries in your car or truck? Disposing of those spent batteries responsibly is critical for the environment. When you decide to take your items to a reputable recycler, you can find solace in being a responsible citizen of the world.
  • With the development of technology came the demand for more batteries. As a result, we end up consuming more raw materials to provide for the global need for batteries. Dropping spent lead acid batteries in a landfill does nothing but create a more significant request for new batteries. However, when we recycle them, we can use some of the materials again, which has economic and ecological benefits.  
  • Some of the materials that go into a battery include metals such as lead, zinc, steel, nickel, mercury, lithium, cobalt, and cadmium to mention a few. Unfortunately, these materials are harmful to the environment, and when we dispose of them in a landfill, these chemicals find their way into our waterways and cause contamination. For this reason, recycling is the ideal option as we can continuously reuse the materials productively and without damaging the environment.  
  • Batteries have the potential to be explosive, even if they are spent. You’d notice warning signs on the battery regarding its safe disposal. When you decide to recycle, you can rest assured that the company will handle the batteries with care and reduce the risk of an explosion.  

What to Expect from West Coast Metals Recycling Regarding Scrap Lead Batteries

As Western Australia’s only female-run recycling facility, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional service to our customers. Once you’ve decided to bring your scrap lead batteries to us, you will find that you’re dealing with a professional team.
  • We recycle all types of materials ranging from copper, aluminium, to ferrous and non-ferrous materials. If you’re unsure about the materials in your possession, our list of items should provide you with enough guidance.  
  • If you decide to bring in a load of scrap, we will separate the materials and weight them accordingly. Finally, we provide you with a price that is fair based on the items you’ve delivered.  
  • You would usually expect a recycling centre to be messy with heaps of scrap lying around. However, we take pride in what we do, and when you visit our scrap yard, you will find it incredibly neat and organised.

About West Coast Metals Recycling

We’ve been recycling batteries and other materials for over 17 years and have established ourselves as the go-to scrap yard on the West Coast of Australia.  
Since we are the best in the business, we offer our customers the best prices. Contact us if you have any questions.

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