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Welcome to West Coast Metal – Your premium destination for scrap metal recycling and pickup in Perth.

We offer competitive prices for various materials, including aluminium, copper, steel, and brass, ensuring your scrap metal finds a new purpose and value. If you have extra material at home or business, we can help you out. Our scrap metal pick-up service ensures that your recycling process is hassle-free and convenient.

Leading Scrap Metal Dealers in Perth | West Coast Metal

We take pride in being Perth’s leading scrap metal dealers, offering top-tier rates for your unused and unwanted metal items. We understand metal recycling value, and that’s why we ensure you receive the best deal when you choose to work with us.

Our experienced dealers are dedicated to providing the most competitive scrap metal prices in Perth. As an Australian family-owned and female-run metal scrapyard, we bring more than 20 years of industry experience to the table. Our team of professional scrap metal Perth dealers is always available to offer help and advice.

Join us, Recycle, and Get a handsome reward for your contribution today!

Your Premier Scrap Metal Buyers in Perth | What We Buy

We buy all types of metals. Following scrap metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous, we’re looking to buy from you:

Bronze E-waste


Cast Iron

Brass and Copper Radiators

Batteries (Lead-acid)

Copper Transformers

Brass and copper radiators

Other vehicle scrap


Air conditioning compressors



Copper Transformers

Starter-motors Zinc

Marine grade

Roof sheets

Compressors (fridges)

Catalytic converters

Tungsten carbide

Mixed metals

These scrap metals can be reused multiple times and have a high market value.

The value of scrap metal varies based on several factors, including the type of metal and current market conditions.

For example, scrap aluminum prices are high due to its recyclability. Aluminum, commonly found in cans, window frames, and car parts, is lightweight and highly recyclable. Steel is one of the most recycled materials because of its use in construction and manufacturing. Thus, it results in high scrap metal prices for steel.

Scrap metal copper prices are also significant because copper is highly sought after for its excellent conductivity and is commonly found in wiring, plumbing, and electronics.

To sellTTo sell scrap metals; please supply

  • Current driver’s license
  • Utility bill (no older than last 3 months from the issued date)
  • Get 100 Points

Where to Find ‘Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me’

We are committed to providing exceptional scrap metal recycling services in Perth. As a trusted scrap metal recycler, our reputation is built on reliability, excellent customer service, and commitment to environmental preservation.

When you search for “metal recycling near me,” many companies show up. However, West Coast Metal stands out to meet your specific needs for scrap metal in Perth WA both promptly and affordably.

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For professional service and the best price paid for scrap metal in Perth, find us by viewing our Location Map now.

Trusted Scrap Metal Recycling & Pick-Up Service in Perth

When looking for metal recycling Perth, just call West Coast Metal.

We offer a convenient scrap metal pickup service with quick removal of your scrap metal. We are equipped to handle all your recycling needs with a variety of scrap metal bins and equipment for large-scale removals.

We pay the best prices for scrap metal across Perth. Whether you need us to collect it or prefer to deliver it yourself, call our team to learn more about selling scrap and metal pricing.

Many people store scrap items simply because they don’t know where to dispose of them or how. That’s where our scrap metal pickup service comes in. If you’re looking to dispose of scrap metal responsibly, count on us for efficient scrap metal removal in Perth.

We can flawlessly accommodate your busy schedule.

Our extensive scrap metal yard in Perth has easy access for large trucks that meet all your recycling needs, whether commercial, residential, or industrial.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive services including:

  • Scrap metal removal
  • Car removals
  • Demolition clean-up
  • Construction rubbish removal
  • Cash for cars in Perth.

Convenient Scrap Metal Pickups | How to Get Money for Scrap Metal

At West Coast Metal, we know how busy life can get, which is why we offer a reliable scrap metal pickup service in Perth designed for your convenience.

Here’s how you can easily turn your scrap metal into cash without any hassle:

  1. Schedule a Pickup

Simply contact us to arrange a convenient time for pickup. Our team will come on time and collect your scrap metal hassle-free.

  1. We Handle the Heavy Lifting

No need to worry about moving bulky or heavy items. It’s our duty to handle all the heavy lifting, loading, and transportation of your scrap metal.

  1. Multiple Pickup Options

Whether it’s a small collection of scrap metal or a large quantity from a business or construction site, we have the right equipment and vehicles to manage it all. We provide different sizes of scrap metal bins for larger projects.

  1. Quick and Efficient Service

Our team will ensure that the pickup process is quick and that your property is left clean and tidy.

  1. Instant Cash for Scrap Metal

Once we have collected and assessed your scrap metal, we will provide you with immediate payment on the spot.

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